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The Wy’east Middle School Renovation & STEAM Addition project involves two key scope areas: a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) addition and facility upgrades that were identified in the Facilities Condition Analysis (FCA) and Master Plan. Additionally, seismic improvements funded by a State grant will include upgrading and reinforcing the roof and structure of the existing gymnasium.

The STEAM addition leverages the existing shop space, rehabilitating it into a 21st century Maker Space. It is directly linked to a Prototype Lab with glazing, creating transparency and visual connection. A new hallway extension to the north connects to two new science classrooms. The “Science Lab” to the west is to be a more traditional lab with sinks and provisions for experiments that include chemicals. The “Flex Lab” to the east is a more general science classroom.  A general prep and storage space connects the two labs. Both of the labs have large glazed garage doors that open onto an “Outdoor Learning Area” that will include areas for gardening, field experiments, and other outdoor instruction.

To the south of the Maker Space, a hallway extension connects the main classroom building with the Performing Arts Center (PAC) allowing for connection between theater and performing arts and adding the Arts component to the STEAM spaces. Additionally the connector improves safety and security by providing indoor access to the PAC.

A commons space opens up off the hallway, providing an informal learning space for student gathering, general instruction, as well as community functions. This “Commons” is linked through glazed interior garage doors back to the Maker Space and the Connector. When fully opened up, the Commons will provide linkage to the PAC, Maker Space and outdoor areas and serve as an informal hub for the STEAM program.

To further strengthen the STEAM programs and create more connection between the Maker Space and teaching spaces, entrances to two of the existing classrooms will be reconfigured to promote more collaboration among instructors in the STEAM disciplines. Minor finish upgrades will be provided for several existing classrooms and science labs.

Closely collaborating with the Hood River County School District, Opsis is committed to engaging the community in all the phases of construction. Throughout the project, Opsis and HRCSD worked together to provide many opportunities for interested and invested community members to stay involved, participate and provide meaningful input. Opsis has had nearly continuous involvement with the District over the past eight years on both the 2008 District-wide bond program and 2015 Facilities Master plan leading up to the successful passing of the 2016 bond in May. Over the last 17 years, Opsis has had a particular focus on educational design, completing more than 150 projects for clients in the Northwest ranging from K-12 schools to community colleges and universities. The 5-member project team will be dedicated to the District throughout the duration of capital improvement process.

Our design process is founded on the belief that the best designed learning environments result from a deep understanding of the culture and values of each school and community. Opsis will work with the rest of the project team, Project Manager Wenaha Group, Inc and Kirby Nagelhout Construction, the chosen Construction Manager/General Contractor, to develop a design process that is inclusive of our diverse community to identify the needs of all stakeholders and establish clear goals and expectations.

Visit the 2016 Hood River County School Bond Construction Bond Page to watch and read about all of the projects as they launch and progress. Learn about the projects prioritized by the 2016 Hood River County School District Bond. Click here to view the overall project schedule and the design schedule.

  • Wy’east Middle School Renovation and STEAM Addition
  • Wy’east Middle School Renovation and STEAM Addition