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UO Price Science Library Leading “Top Trends in Library Design”

The Sextant group speaks about the the success of the Visualization Lab at the Opsis designed UO Allan Price Science Library and how “emerging technologies in colleges and universities around the world are transforming the way faculty teach and students learn by creating innovative, collaborative environments for producing, consuming, and sharing information, and providing more access to information resources than ever before.”



Top Trends in Library Design

Published on Thursday, May 31, 2017 | By Christopher Foster CTS, Project Consultant, and Jim Viviano CTS, Senior Consultant, The Sextant Group

Principal Tim Waters CTS and his team designated an advanced visualization lab for the University of Oregon Science Library. This 50 million pixel visualization display designed in collaboration with university scientists frequently encountered conflicting goals and priorities for the project. Waters said, “Astrophysicists wanted to study high-resolution images of galaxies far, far away. Neuroscientists wanted to flip through high resolution slices of brain scans. Computer scientists wanted to design and render 3D visualizations based on a multitude of data sets, and social scientists wanted to spot patterns in behavioral trends plotted on an X, Y, Z coordinate system. They sorted out all of the requirements and determined segmenting the groups into two primary user experiences would be the best approach.”

Two high-res computer workstations are now the main human interfaces – one Windows machine, the other Linux. Waters added, “The visualization lab yields a fully immersive experience for all of the wide range of uses, and more. I was particularly entranced by a basic Google image search. The space is a bright, trendy, student-centric learning commons and our Visualization Lab is at the heart of the main study and collaboration floor, with daylight harvested from skylights and windows looking into a garden courtyard.”

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