Design Leadership

Exploration is an integral element of the Opsis studio design process and a key to innovation within our practice. Our work is generated through collaborative inquiry, as we seek to discover the unique voice and inherent potential within each project. We immerse ourselves in an exploratory design process to conceive and clarify intent through dialogue and visualization tools—ranging from diagrams to sketches, physical modelmaking, 3D visualization and virtual reality fly-throughs. Each project benefits from the timely and ongoing input of internal design reviews, from concepts through documentation.

Zidell Yards Visualization

Teaching design studios at the University of Oregon provides a valued platform for exploration within an academic setting that enriches our practice. We dedicate staff and resources to the Opsis Research Initiative (ORI), which focuses on advancing the architectural practice by exploring innovations in materials, new sustainable design strategies, and building performance with post-occupancy metrics. The ORI team has collaborated with the Portland State University School of Architecture to research the integration of virtual and augmented reality, as a dynamic tool for occupant engagement and feedback during the design process. Our research is open-sourced and shared through presentations at conferences such as Greenbuild, Living Future unConference, the International Sustainability Conference, and participation at the national Sustainable Design Leaders’ Summit.

Research through virtual reality.