Design Justice

Opsis strives for a design process and architecture that is open, inclusive, collaborative, and respectful; reflective of the environment in which it resides and the community and culture for whom it is created. We acknowledge the past and present systems that support injustice and strive to universally pursue design justice.

Our Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) focus group is charged with defining a multi-faceted program to evolve our consideration of JEDI at the individual, firm, and architecture profession level. We encourage self-reflection and engagement on a personal level, we advocate for an inclusive work environment that strengthens our studio culture, we place community engagement and liberation as the cornerstone of our design, and we support and stand for industry wide efforts that create inclusive and just environments.

With a humble and open-minded approach intended to celebrate the uniqueness of each project, organization and individual we serve, we seek to become anti-racist, an ally and advocate. The more voices we hear and honor, the better a chance we all have of getting it right together.