Starr Complex Strategic Framework Guide

Bonneville Power Administration

The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) currently has over 400 Non-Electric Facilities sites located across four western states to support activities of the Transmission Field Services of the Transmission Business Line. These sites range from consolidated maintenance facilities (MHQ) to isolated, stand-alone utility control, communication, and storage buildings.

The goal of this project was to develop a Strategic Framework Guide (SFG) for the Starr Complex and preliminary design solutions for The Dalles District MHQ. Additionally, this project provides a logistics study at the Ross complex focused on establishing a multi-nodal organization split between Ross and the Starr Complex.

The SFG concepts provide a mission-driven planning strategy that provides a phased solution for the optimal long-term use of Starr Complex in The Dalles, Oregon over the next 20 years. The guide defines patterns of functional use, phased development plans, and an actionable implementation plan for timely execution and basis of design solutions for The Dalles District MHQ replacement project.