Technical Services Building

Bonneville Power Administration

As the first project on the Bonneville Power Administration’s (BPA) campus redevelopment, the Technical Services Building (TSB) is a key component of BPA’s operations. The new TSB building redefines modern lab, training, and work spaces for BPA.

Size: 60,000 sf
Progressive Design-Build Team:
Mortenson Construction and DGA Architects

2023, DBIA National, National Award of Merit for Federal, State, County, Municipal

Procured and designed virtually during the pandemic, our Progressive Design-Build team brought innovation from beginning to end. Our design team evaluated a number of structural systems, including structural steel, mass timber, concrete beams and decks, post tension concrete, void slab concrete and a deltabeam system.  All systems were rated according to the risk for market escalation, target value budget, first cost, schedule impact, resiliency, sustainability LEED, carbon neutrality, flexibility, adaptability and market support.


Overhead utility routing offers the flexibility required as technology and programs change.

Forty-five foot long exterior prefabricated wall panels accelerated the construction schedule two months and delivered heighted design refinement. Fully coordinated in the design phase and tested early and often, the award-winning enclosure is now a model informing subsequent campus projects.